Dr. Klaus H. Schmidt

Akademischer Direktor (Associate Professor)


Research Interests

Early American Literature and Culture, African American Studies, American Realism and Naturalism, Specialized Forms of Technical Translation and Literary Translation (e.g., chess books and Gonzo journalism), Film, Media, and Visual Culture Studies



Dr. Klaus H. Schmidt is an associate professor of American Studies at the Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies in Germersheim. He received an M.A. in Translation Studies (1988) and a Ph.D. in American Studies (1994) from the University of Mainz. He has been teaching courses and seminars in American literature, language, and culture, as well as translation classes and seminars in translation theory since 1989. His research interests include African American literature, early American culture, American naturalism, postcolonial translation studies, as well as transnational television, film, and visual culture. 


Administrative Functions

Stellvertr. Leiter des Prüfungsamts (2003-2021); Stellvertr. Leiter der Fachgruppe Übersetzen; Mitglied des Senats (2008-2014), des Senatsausschusses für Studium und Lehre (2008-2014), des Fachbereichsrats (2005-2020), des Haushaltsausschusses (2005-2025), des Prüfungsausschusses (2003-2018) und des Leitungskollegiums (AAAA); Prüfungsbeauftragter (AAAA, 2003-); Studienfachbeauftragter (Fach Englisch/AAAA, 2023-)


Recent Publications

Schmidt, Klaus H. "Excess and A New Pornographic Imagination: Escalations of Neonaturalism in Transnational Visual Culture. Part I: Departure." Studies in American Naturalism 18.1 (2023): 75-117.

—. "[Preview & Summary:] Excess and A New Pornographic Imagination: Escalations of Neonaturalism in Transnational Visual Culture. Part II: Arrival." Studies in American Naturalism 18.1 (2023): 118-20.

—."Neonaturalism in Contemporary U.S. Film." Studies in American Naturalism 15.1 (2020): 18-48.

—. "In Search of Neonaturalism; or, Lost in Translation: Tracing an Elusive Meme in American Literary Criticism and Contemporary U.S. Film – Companion Website." 2020. [for a pdf, click here]

—."Teaching American Realism in Germany." The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Realism. Ed. Keith Newlin. New York: Oxford UP, 2019. 621-47. [for an electronic version, available in the University of Mainz campus net, see here]

—. "Teaching American Realism in Germany: Supplement — Additional Notes and Materials." 2019. [for a pdf, click here]

—. Rev. of Theodore Dreiser Recalled, ed. Donald Pizer (Clemson: Clemson UP, 2017). Studies in American Naturalism 13.1 (Summer 2018): 95-102.

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—. "William Hill Brown, Biogramm"; "William Hill Brown, The Power of Sympathy"; "Stephen Crane, 'The Open Boat'"; "Arthur Miller, Timebends"; "William Gilmore Simms, Biogramm"; "William Gilmore Simms, The Yemassee"; "William Gilmore Simms, The Sword and the Distaff"; "Tabitha Tenney, Biogramm"; "Tabitha Tenney, Female Quixotism." Kindlers Literatur Lexikon. 3. Auflage. Hrsg. Heinz Ludwig Arnold. 18 vols. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2009. 3: 226-27; 4: 261; 11: 294-95; 15: 167-69; 16: 156-57.

A complete list of publications is available here.




1988 M.A, in Translation Studies (University of Mainz, Germany)

1994 Ph.D. in American Studies (University of Mainz, Germany)